#338 Delicious and Inexpensive Wines – 2011 Toca Diamonte Malbec

2011 Diamonte Malbec

What a surprise! A decent Malbec for only $4.99!! If you are on a tight budget and have an Aldi Supermarket nearby make a stop and pick up a bottle of this red wine. For the price, this is really a decent Malbec and perfect for an everyday wine.

2011 Toca Diamonte Malbec

A fruity but dry, medium-bodied Malbec with aromas of dark berries and chocolate matched with flavors of cherry, blackberry and cedar ending with the typical Malbec bite. This wine has won a silver medal at the World Wine Championships and comes well rated. For the price it’s a definite winner!

Food Pairings:  Sip with beef and pork roasts, lasagna and roasted vegetables.

Price: $4.99

3 out of 5 corks


Rating: 3/5 corks


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